Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Vagina With A Mullet

- Some dudes from Morgan University made a Morgan version of "Brooklyn Girls". You should check it out because they're from Baltimore. Wait. . .

- You probably don't know what "Brooklyn Girls" is.

- Why is it that when George Bush signed a stimulus bill, niggas was like "Whatever. Money. Yay." but soon as Obama signs one, stimulus is the hot new phrase. I saw a poster for a restaurant that said "Seafood Stimulus" for a special selling lobster for 19.99. There's also a lot of rapper's comparing themselves to a stimulus.

- Before this, people would've thought a stimulus was a shot they gave to cure erectile dysfunction.

- I said I would stop talking about Chris Brown and Robyn Fendi, like, a week ago, but apparently they got pictures of Chris Brown having fun and shit. I mean, he shouldn't be? You expect wife beaters to stop having fun when they beat a wife?

- I really hate people that wear t-shirts with rock band logos and don't listen to rock. That shit is, like, really annoying.

- "Hey, you listen to AC/DC" "What? That's not a clothing line?"

- Random fact about my girlfriend: She hates Nicholas Cage really bad. She thinks he's the worst actor ever. Since the Knowing is coming out, he's been making the rounds promoting it, so she doesn't even watch T.V. anymore.

- Okay, I over exaggerated.

- I'm trying to do a "What Me and My Brother Talk About on the Phone" again, but Terrell's too busy with bucketheads to stay on the phone long enough.

- I hate that bucketheads know how to do html and change their font color and shit, but they still type "LiiKe Diis". They seriously replace i's and y's with two i's. That shit it like a phenomenon.

- I'm sorry if I offended any bucketheads.

- If I didn't say already, it's a boy. With a penis.

- Honestly, I'm starting to not like Wale. He's starting to say stuff I'd expect from a D.C. person.

- "What if I made a 'kiss me through the phone' remix?"

- "Why everybody ganging up on Soulja Boy? Rakim and Big Daddy Kanye didn't attack Fresh Prince for making fun music."

- For anyone not from Maryland, all of the lame black people are situated in D.C. and P.G. County.

- In all honesty, we have hella clowns, dipshits and lames here in Baltimore, but in D.C. and P.G. they're lame in a "Harlem" kinda way.

- They wear skinny jeans and sag them down to their knees and say "lunchin" and "loafin"

- I might get shot for my views one day.

- That'll mean I did something right.


Paula said...

hmmm; normally I would go on and on about stuff in your blog. But I'm not in the mood. The baby's a boy? Yay; post pics when you can? Your last line, well the thought, was in a movie called "Lady in The Water". Nice movie.

love these kinda posts. No dragging on detail. I have to be a specific mood for reading. today that wasn't me so you posting like this- nice :D

Rogero said...

a stimulus would make a good cloud name. A good name for clouds shaped like nipples or porn.

E-Rich said...

A porn shaped cloud. . . Genius!