Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh, I Almost Forgot

Since this motherfucker's gained fans on my blog, his birthday passed Saturday.


He's 18. Please keep the sexual comments to a minimum.


Super Woman said...

Did Somebody Say ..LEGAL!
Lmao Imma stop, i sound like them assholes with the weird fucked up myspace names

Imma Chill E, Imma Chill LOL

P.S. was this your version of "Posting his whole biography" on your blog like he asked you to do? Lmao

E-Rich said...

Man, he gets no biography. I told him he could do his own blog post and he like "Nah, yo, type something about me". You can meet him when you come to Baltimore and we can show you where the junkies roam.

Super Woman said...

Eric i just be playing i would never actually bang your brother
but junkie hunting sounds fun ...

I wanna see those boarded up houses like on "The Wire" and hear some b-more accents, i guess you guys really dont have anything else to offer??? LOL im just sayin...idk?

But im coming to check out this school down there and see some friends

AYO! stephie said...

UH-OH, BIG 18! haha.
Let me stop, I ain't even 18 :|

But Happy Late Birthday to your brother (:

Audrey Jazz said...

yo mouth open like he waiting for me to pop my dick in.

Malcolm Maximillion said...

@E-Rich I didnt think you'd actually offer to take her junkie hunting down lexington market

@SuperWoman avoid lexington market, the food is great but its more a sanctuary for crackheads

@Audrey Jazz thats just wrong

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Aw is this the baby bro? he's a cutie!