Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Customer Satisfaction Survey

So, I have followers, which I am kinda still confused about, so I was wondering, what do you like about my blog?

Should I talk more about current events? More coverage of dumb shit?

Post more videos? Be more serious?


failed Pictures, Images and Photos

If I get less than 5 comments, I will be very Joe Jackson.



Anonymous said...

lmao, Your blog is just naturally funny. Whatever you talk about cracks me up.
Coverage of dumb shit is cool.

N.I.K.E. said...

Just Keep It Coming With The Brutally Honest Shit.

Anything Less Than That Is So...

[Angry Baby Face]

Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

Keep doin' what you doin, fam. Be real, that's it.

Best of luck with the baby boy!!

Frederick Lazarus said...

i don't know what is is

something about this just make a nigga laugh

just do you...

dumb shit'll just happen(no offense...)

AYO! stephie said...

5th Comment...
WOOO! haha.

But idk, it's just the random-too-real shit you be writing about that makes me keep reading.

plus, shits funny as fuck (:

Anonymous said...

um... like... I don't really mind. Do you

FitchGirl said...

its funny and it doesnt always seem edited and constructed (Y).
i enjoy readin abt u ur bro and gf.

more random shit,lol and i love your opinion on things like the chrianna issue,i hate the word chrianna,eugh.