Monday, February 23, 2009

Because This is So Much Fun

Turning popular movie names into adult film movie names = priceless

- Cumdog Millionaire

- The Dark Pipe

- Babylon B.J.

- Cockbang Dangerous

- Camp Cock

- The Chronicles of Pornia: Princess Lesbian

- The Bi-Curious Case of Benjamin Buttsex

- Handcock

- The Midnight Skeet Train

- One Licked Ball

- Pride and Glory Holes

I was so bored.


miss feedmekicks* said...


Anonymous said...

lol I'm loving this post. Bored as you are :) Be good to you

Doe Cheese said...

This is too funny..kinda gross but funny

Ghett0 said...


I play this game all the time!

We should hook up...

ps. I won't slide my finger up your butt

Rosie said...

You have no fuckin sense dude!! Which is one of the reasons why I love you!!

Oh yea... YOUR HOT!! I hope your girlfriend doesn't track me down for saying that!!!

Fuck it!!! I fight!

Rosie said...

Sorry... I had a few too many drinks when I wrote that last post.

I would never fight your girl. Especially if she is pregnant. I have more morals than that.