Friday, February 6, 2009

I Shouldn't Even Be On Here Right Now

- They just talked to me last week about using the internet at work

- I'm going to get fired

- I wonder how pissed Eugene is going to be that I'm using his thing

- This lady better come get this damn microwave

- I wish people would stop telling me how good I look. A nigga lose 30-something pounds and you think he had a brick body or something.

- I just got three pick-ups! Not really three. It was, like, two and the lady that came back to get her microwave.

- Middle-aged black lady that kept saying my name dumb proper. Most people just say "Erk" and she was all "Air-rick".

- I need to think of something to do tomorrow after I get my permit. I better get my permit.

- Driving by August isn't such a bad idea. That's when the urban negroes start getting real rowdy.

- They're going to bother me because I'm going to be listening to rock music and video game soundtracks.

- I wonder if anyone likes me in my Gender and Women's Studies class.

- It's like 30 girls and at least 7 of them have to find me attractive.

- There's a fat gay guy in my math class and he's really REALLY gay. Like, fat people shouldn't be able to switch that hard.

- My summer should be so much fun

- If we actually go to Myrtle Beach, I'm going to book like 2 out-of-towners.

- That shouldn't be hard. If I had a nickel for everytime someone said they liked my accent, I'd have 20 cents.

- I just remembered my mom reads my blog.

- Hi Mom!

- Yes, I'm going to take condoms to Myrtle Beach.


Malcolm Maximillion said...

Your mother reads your blog? Never knew or thought.

Anonymous said...

-puts pointer finger up, shakes head yes, and exits the building- LMAO

laine_cakes said...

lmaooo cute blogg

Anonymous said...

Your mom reads your blog. And the comments. Well, i don't have anything to hide. I hope. Hi Eric's mom

Just so you know i pronounce Eric like Air-rick. Should i be offended?

Don't get fired! Unless you abysmally unhappy and they've somehow come across your blog lol

Have a good one. Me

Gorgeous Lynette said...

I say air-rick. you'd hate me.

Rosie said...

1st off.. Don't get fired cause I'd miss you online!

2nd... I hope your mom doesn't get mad that I wanna fu... oh.. never mind....

3rd.... I think you have ADD. LMAO!!!

Super Woman said...

where im from every one is "Yo" or "son" sometimes their "Yo son" so you wouldnt have that problem on my block LOl.

and of course. I love different accents except country ones. They annoy the fuck out of me....

and you guys would really jump someone for hitting me ....Lol. Im a thug though i can handle it.... maybe.