Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eric <3's Hip-Hop

The Chris Brown/Rihanna ass-whooping is getting old now. People are paying more attention to how Rihanna and Christina are going to bounce back then the fact that Chris Brown beat her ass. We're not talking about a simple swift backhand, we're talking about a Tekken combo.

MC Hammer getting his own reality show is so "Blah". Especially for A&E. No one's going to reach the height that Flava Flav did with "Flavor of Love", but that's because Flava Flav is actually entertaining. They could give that nigga a cooking show and there would still be quotables. That's not such a bad idea, actually.

Bone Thugs & Harmony + K-Fed = LAWL

I don't know who to be angrier at: Bone Thugs for thinking this will work or Kevin Federline for still trying. Let's hope they make another "Popazao".

Raz-B really needs to just come out of the closet. All he's getting right now is a lot of animosity from everyone for acting like such an attention whore.

I believe at this point that beating up Suge Knight isn't really a feat anymore. If Suge Knight gets mollywhopped after the Akon's manager fiasco, they shouldn't brag about it. Unless they're Vanilla Ice.

Aubrey O'Day is bi? What else is new?


Super Woman said...

MC Hammer on A&E?

All that A&E is good for is the show with the crack heads ...intervention

and 48 hours ....

If your not a criminal or crack addict then a show on A&E not a good idea

Super Woman said...

i dont even speak on the crihanna shit. I hardly said shit when it first happened because ....

i guess i really didnt care.

Tekken combo ...Mwahahahaaa i used to love that game

Anonymous said...

I've never like Rihanna. Something about a person who doesn't write their own songs that tweaks me. She's a work of art yes, but not an artist. Even her performances don't amaze.

I'm feeling brutally honest today

[$ H A R O N A] said...

popozao. man i'm about to youtube that shit for the 40th fucking time right now. that lowkey mightve been the first thing i ever youtubed.

Crystal said...

I as well am over the Chris Brown, Rhianna bullshit. Like seriously, what about the millions of women who get beat daily? Shit makes me curse. Don't get me wrong, I feel sorry for the girl but she's living better than alot of people, and her chance of pulling through is much higher than others.
These Rhianna activists are driving me crazy, almost as crazy as the people who want to tar and feather Michael Vick over some damn dogs.