Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shit Just Got Real

- Yeah it did.

- I decided I'm going to stop doing these. These might not be as "intimate" as some of my readers would prefer it to be.

- I mean, I'm not posting shoes and expensive ass jackets, so that only means I get to talk about myself.

- This especially hit me when I posted some clothes I liked and no one said shit at all. I wonder if I even have readers anymore.

- It doesn't matter. I'm still going to post meaningless tripe.

- I can read back over this when I'm old and talk about how cool I was.

- I've slacked off for a while, but I don't care. I'm tired.

- I read Reverend Run's son's blog.

- I'm going to be honest, it's like every other person's blog that imitates Kanye's except we care because he's a B-list celebrity.

- I think his little clothing line "Space Cadet" might be cool, though.

- You should watch Chowder. It's funny as shit.

- I found out something today. I'm not telling anyone on the internet because it's none of your business at the moment.

- My mother is completely apathetic to me getting my goddamn FAFSA done, but if she doesn't give me some paperwork, I'm gonna be broke next semester.

- I see me taking pictures isn't going over so well. My bad.


Super Woman said...

Lmao Ummm.... I Know I Still Read However i skipped over that clothing post ....yeah i did. I Still read you though

Anonymous said...

Well, to be honest I don't really like reading blogs that aren't about the person. Yes, you liking the clothes is cool; but had you designed and made tehm it would open me up a bit more.

LIke I no longer have any time on my hands. I literally check when I can. DANG!!! I thought your pictures were okay but I'm really not into break dancing. No way at all. *choke*

I've got a picture blog if you're interested : humbye166.blogspot.com do it over me phone. No need to comment. I love it.

Anonymous said...

scrap that the address is bymyowndefinition.blogspot.com