Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The E-Rich Show starring

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Eric as E-Rich

That's me. Sexiest man on the planet who at times transforms into Action Bastard.

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Lashawn as Mom

That's my mother. An intelligent woman who oft-times influences my decisions. Also where I get half of my humor from.

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Eric Sr. as Dad

My father. An intelligent man who oft-times influences my desicions. Where I got the other half of my humor from.

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Jasmine as "Baby Mama"

The woman whom I've been in a 2 year relationship and is now bearing my child. She's a butthole.

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Eugene as Malcolm Maximillion

sidekick of Action BastardFriend of E-Rich. Creates beats and does other stuff, like live with his girlfriend.

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Terrell as T-Jay

The troublemaking, womanizing younger brother. He's so awesome. Or something.

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Kyree as Kyzilla

The youngest brother. Pain in the butt I love him so much.


Audrey Jazz said...

oh i'm a butthole? really.....thats cool son. thats real cool.

Gorgeous Lynette said...

uh oh!look at ya mama gettin flyy and shit.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

is she really preggers? so nosy! lol

Anonymous said...

hey what ever happen to that guy nike? yal not friends?

Super Woman said...

Lol @
"Thats cool son. thats real cool"

Wasnt there a show called action jackson?

I used to call him action bastard, he was cute......damn oldschool cartoons should come back

Malcolm Maximillion said...

I forgot you snapped that pic of me in the back of the uhual lol

E-Rich said...

Ah, damn, I do have to put a picture of Tim. I'll have a second one or something.

Claudia said...

Jasmine's your girlfriend, right? She's really nice!

Rosie said...

I'd like to take this moment to thank your Momma E-Rich, Daddy E-Rich, for making you a funny bastard!!!

Then... I'd like to thank your brother (no.. not the little little one).. for being kinda hot!!But that would be some pedifile shit!!! So scratch that!!