Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Really Bad Song - The Same Dude

*sigh* Here we go:

0:20 - What the fuck just happened?

0:30 - I'm sorry, the cheesiness of the video took me by surprise.

0:33 - From the various shots of the dance floor, I see they used the **"brown paper bag" test when choosing women to be in the video.

0:42 - Oh, God, what is he doing?

0:46 - I wonder if anyone told him that those women lack ass.

0:50 - No. They don't expect me to believe that woman is his mother. She has to be at least 2/3 his age.

0:51 - Lawl @ his snow bunny hiding behind the door.

0:56 - Yo, they look like the Sims the way they are arguing. I also realized his "mom" is fresher than him. Fail.

1:04 - Whoa. She came out of nowhere looking like she came from The Matrix.

1:11 - That's some terrible popping and locking. Who has popping and locking in their videos anymore?

1:15 - I knew he couldn't go an entire video without doing some blatantly terrible dance moves.

1:29 - Who are these niggas? Is that his "mom" over there?

1:40 - From attempting to understand what the hell he's saying, I think the song is about his mom's disapproval of his rabid lust for white vagina.

1:45 - It's like they tried their best to find the lamest looking white dudes in the world. Can't have anyone looking cooler than raisin face.

1:48 - What is this broad doing?

1:54 - Is that Asher Roth?

1:58 - I know people beat him up in school. If they didn't, then they should have.

2:06 - I don't like that guy.

2:10 - Oh, shit, she's singing, too.

2:17 - He doesn't even have to dance. Just moving around makes him look like a damn buffoon.

2:30 - . . . What. . .

2:35 - Why does he have his hoodie off of his shoulders like that's what's hot in the streets? This video is like a montage of shit that was cool in the late 90s.

2:44 - He fails at singing and rapping and he's dark as all hell. He's like the anti-Drake.

2:50 - "Far from a gangster" I believe he's far from a lot of things, gangster being one of the more obvious, of course.

3:00 - He finally stopped rapping. That shit was brutal.

3:09 - Wow, that little move they did was so lame and prepubescent.

3:19 - Ew, she touched his face.

3:20 - Ah, shit, he's dancing with the dancers now.

3:27 - Who did that camera work and editing for this video? He/she must have down syndrome.

3:43 - Did that dame have a unibrow?

3:53 - Ha! Yo bucked at the girl. That was funny.

3:59 - Mmm, worthwhile buttcheeks.

4:02 - Oh, come on, what do these niggas have to do with anything?

4:13 - What the fuck is he doing behind her?

4:16 - Is that his mom stopping the. . . intimidating guys? I'm so confused.

I hope this dude makes another Treasure in You. This was just confusing and had less terrible dancing.

** The brown paper bag test is when you compare the darkness of one's skin to a paper bag. If they are as dark or darker than the bag, then they fail. Yung Berg is one of the more popular users of this test.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Com'on...You know you like him!


Malcolm Maximillion said...

I don't see how you sit through the whole video

readmyblog:) said...

Lmao, where do you find this blantant fuckery?

ONE of the dumbest videos EVER.

But yet I couldnt tear my eyes away from it. *snickers*