Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Really Bad Song - Some African Guy(No racism)

Let's list the things wrong with this God-forsaken video:

0:10 - What the fuck was that move he just did?

0:17 - Not only did that scare the shit out of me the first three times I heard it, but that dance move he just did has got to be one of the most hilarious body movements I've ever seen. Yo, that was a black woman that sang and they didn't even show her whole face. You'll see why this is fucked up later.

0:18 - He looks like a California raisin. No, seriously, he's so black he's fucking purple.

0:19 - That was gay.

0:38 - He's done so many terrible dance moves up to this point I couldn't possibly take the arduous task of making fun of each one. This chick he's after, her face have to many sharp angles. Less than 90 degrees.

0:45 - Did he just drug her?

0:50 - Oh, yeah an extremely black man putting a coat over a passed out white woman in a bar. That's the exact opposite of suspicious.

1:00 - He really just looked retarded when he did that.

1:11 - Like, dead ass, who told this man he could dance?

1:13 - Now he's just sitting next to her. I'm pretty sure someone would've called the cops by now.

0:17 - I just had to go back to that. That was fucking hilarious.

1:18 - I think his hairline is allergic to his eyebrows. That would explain his "fivehead".

1:19 - Wait. Wait a MOTHERFUCKING MINUTE. Those are nothing but white women. I'm not saying a black guy shouldn't have a preference for pink nipples, but you can't be that black and only have Caucasian women in your video. That's against some sort of unwritten rule.

1:23 - I like how they all ran like "Bitch, you on your own".


1:36 - I really wish he would stop dancing. He's ruining my life.

1:55 - I wonder if his friends were watching him dance just going "Pause. Pause. Pause. . ."

1:58 - That's the ugliest fucking spin I've ever seen.

2:05 - I'm going to assume she's running from Flava Flav.

2:06 - Come on, now. Jaguar's haven't been balling since 1998.

2:16 - He's way too pissed off.

2:33 - I think he has cerebral palsy.

2:36 - Who are these dancing motherfuckers and what do they have to do with Treasure and date rape?

3:10 - Someone, anyone, needs to just make a compilation of all his dance moves. I'd pay for that.

3:34-3:38 - I try to ignore him, I do, but then he does some horrific moves that make me laugh.

3:48 - Note to video directors: Women sitting there looking bored? Doesn't make me horny.

3:57 - You hear that shit? What the fuck WAS THAT?

4:10 - This dude's falsetto makes me want to stab someone.

4:16 - If a white person was talking about how much they hate black people and how bad we are for the world and they presented this as evidence, even Obama couldn't combat that.

4:28 - You expect me to believe that she wants this guy? Like, that illusion defies logic to the point that it goes past not making sense and makes sense again.

Good news (for you). He has another terrible video and I swear I'm posting that one, too. With commentary.

My mom was offended by the lack of Nubian queens.


Anonymous said...

lmao, good laugh.

Frederick Lazarus said...


only benefit of being that black is being able to run fast

illustrated by the flashes at 2:17

and is this nigga stalking this woman through the video?

crazy muthafucka

Gorgeous Lynette said...

that scream damn near made me piss myself.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

He looks like a mix between Akon and Flavor Flave!

...but on a serious not if I had heard this song and not seen the video...I would probably put it on my I-pod...

::puts head down::


E-Rich said...


you can't read my blog anymore

Anonymous said...

Black boy white boy swag


"house full of bitches like tila tequila"
Drake feat lil wayne - ignant shit

Drake is better than allllllllll the new guys DL so far gone

Qu33n Kam... said...

OMG first how old is this nigga?? he looks old as hell. 2nd he cudnt be any more off wit his dancin. 3rd ur commentary is fuckin hilarious if i was ever havin a bad day readin this post surely cleared that up i cudnt stop laughin.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

You know you downloaded this song!

::gives side eye::


readmyblog:) said...

OMG is this a joke?lol. WTF? Im baffled as hell. So many questions......