Thursday, April 9, 2009


-I'm listening to Wendy Williams dookie on Bow Wow. I heard he caught a bitch fit when Sandra Rose, Queen of Haters, questioned his relevance.

- Yeah, so, Lil Bow Wow been fell off. Soulja Boy verse > Bow Wow's on "Marco Polo". That's rock bottom right there.

- Not to mention him and Jermaine Dupri's ode to bromance.

- Then again, if he keeps kicking it with Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane, he might start rapping like them and funnel their fan base to himself. Who knows?

- This waiting for the baby shit is killing me! I know in four months I'm going to wish he was back in the womb.

- I've been posting too many videos lately.

- My team won that damn carbon emissions debate I was stressing about. I really thought we weren't going to win.

- Ha! Cap and trade >>> Hybrid cars.

- I feel like I can't say I listen to Charles Hamilton out loud anymore, but I still do because, you know, fuck you then.

- I'm sure some people saw a small problem on the day after my birthday and I assure you it's taken care of.

- Thanks to $port.

- You guys can leave comments on Jasmine's blog. I won't get mad. She does say some personal stuff on there.

- Like, about my genitalia.

- Should I get some Chick-Fil-A today? Those waffle fries are piff.

- Now I'm watching Unforgivable. That shit is hilarious.

- "Nigga wit a mop-top spoke up. Nigga had on Abercrombie!"

- I love this dude.

- If you said a pause should be right there, then you're calling me gay and I'd like it if you didn't read my blog.

- "Bitch, I don't want no Mike and Ike's. . . I want yo butthole!"

- Where does he come up with this shit?

- "She said 'who you gonna vote for, Ricky?'"
"They're the same devil, bitch! They both like triangles. Bitch, they in love with shapes!"

- I hope no one in my gender and women's studies finds out I think this is funny.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I remember when I used to think bow wow was so cute and I thought he was gonna be relevant in the rap game today...childhood ignorance I guess? lol

Aw it's cute your nervous about the baby, I can't wait to see pics! ;)

AYO! stephie said...

"Soulja Boy verse > Bow Wow's on "Marco Polo". That's rock bottom right there." *sigh* it really is.

& LOL @ that video.

Super Woman said...

So yeah ...

I thought bow wow was cute too when he did "Bounce With Me" and Puppy Love

But by the time he got to doing that song with Jagged edge i was over him, then he tried to grow up and get gangster, I didnt like that shit much either

Then he cut his hair, he just did a whole bunch of bullshit at one time.

His career is like T.I's 'old him'

dead and gone

Super Woman said...

P.S. oh dont worry, i sit there and die of laughter when reading her blog. She's so sarcastic and she's a jerk like you I LOVE IT! Lol

$port said...

glad i could help...

let it happen again and we're bringing hell to B Street