Monday, April 27, 2009

Photobucket Phunnies: Fuck

After the last random encounters I had with funny pictures on photobucket when searching "vagina", I decided I'd do it again. This time, using "fuck" (What did you expect? Penis? I don't like penis). This was hard because most of the pictures were just teenagers thinking they were rebellious or cool for putting up their middle fingers.

THE FUCK? Pictures, Images and Photos

Fuck You Pictures, Images and Photos

WHO FUCK Pictures, Images and Photos

fuck idaho Pictures, Images and Photos

Fuck it Pictures, Images and Photos

Fuck Houses Pictures, Images and Photos

You know what, fuck this. I don't know when putting up your middle finger was the national pose for "I'm fucking awesome", but their are way too many retarded teenagers to go through.

I mean, really, what the fuck is up with American youth? They're so busy trying to look cool in front of their friends but seem to not realize they look really stupid. I used to do dumb shit, and now I see what it feels like to try to warn the youngsters and they don't care because they share IQ levels with fucking armadillos.

Really it's just me being frustrated because I couldn't find more funny pictures.


readmyblog:) said...

Lol. The "Fuck it, Im going home" was halarious.

Mr. Heartbreak said...

My nigga E-Rich back at it again.


-Mr. Heartbreak

Tommy Oliver said...

lmao @ Dave Caruso
but yeah i feel you
my generation is so caught up with being cool,and not being themselves

AYO! stephie said...

I'm not even gonna lie...

I have a whole buncha pictures w| my middle finger. BUTTT, not to be "cool". i just cover my face (:


now I can't take another "fuck you" picture 'cos I'mma think of this, FUCK.

Super Woman said...

lol @ the little birdie going homeeee and that gangsta ass dinosaur but the whole batman thing was so random....

and is that Horatio from CSI: Miami saying the f word??

Super Woman said...

Oh yeah ...fuck idaho ....i almost died laughing when i saw that

Paula said...

lol... hilarious :D