Friday, April 24, 2009

Display Pictures That Make Me SMH and/or LOL

ρяєтту туєღ |.вad вιтcн.|т.σ.є.♀


Because putting "SINGLE" in big ugly letters on a picture is totally going to get you some dick.

♥Fuck It!!!!!™


But on the other hand, nothing gets penises pointing in your direction like the "drunken whore" swag.

I'd beat, though.



You couldn't possibly fathom how hard I laughed when I saw this. When quitting masturbation is such a great accomplishment that you have to wear a shirt saying you don't do it anymore in public, you need to evaluate where you're going with your life.

Masturbating is awesome.

Onyx.™.Love Knock Down.


If that Louis Vuitton bandana is real, my fruit of the loom underclothes are fake.

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This is offensive to Mexicans. She has on a sombrero and she drew a moustache on her face. She's a racist.



Slash Pictures, Images and Photos

long hair thick redbone♥


Not only did she use demotivators incorrectly, but she made it into a Wanted poster. I just want to kick her in the pussy.

TaTtOoEd Up WiN i TaKe OfF mY sHiRt


Wow, this nigga is an asshead. He got the star Lil Wayne's boyfriend Baby has tattooed on his chest, along with angel wings that have feathers that look like shards of glass. He also has the Famous Stars & Straps logo tattooed on both sides of his chest.

I can't wait until he hits the point where he realizes he failed as a black man.

{~haters just kno i keep dem goons around mii when


First off, these custom BAPE cartoons went out of style when I graduated from high school. Second off, he's supposed to be a crip. There's nothing that says "intimidating gangbanger" like an adorable cartoon that looks like it was drawn by an eight year old.

You see how much I must suffer to entertain you people.


Audrey Jazz said...

You're so mean. Honest to a fault and usually correct, but still, quite rude.

Vlad said...


Tommy Oliver said...


Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

E.. This is epic right here. And Audrey, what's rude is that these people think they are cool in their pics.

There's no question the first chick is single.

And that dude with his tats all out, the FUCK is he thinkin?

Good shit !!

Alicia said...

LMFAO. you are so stupid.

Malcolm Maximillion said...

I really need to get on myspace more often

Super Woman said...

And I'll file this under reasons for me to delete my myspace page

i wont even begin to start posting pictures or display names of the thousands of unknown to me friends i have on myspace

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Im mad you want to kick someone in the vagina!


you better watch out that crip might be coming after you lmao

Gorgeous Lynette said...

I should give you all the shit I've seen on myspace. along with the countless fakes! lord..

Anonymous said...


Whatever your name is stop commenting

eclectikfeel said...


i pray for us as a people lol!