Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go to Jail Card


I just logged in to my brother's myspace (Who is like the Riley to my Huey Freeman)and some bitch ignorant little girl posted a status saying:

"listen to 92Q.Free mah bestie trynna qive him attempt murder datz petty ckant believe it."

Now how the fuck is it petty to charge someone with attempted murder? If the motherfucker actually tried to kill somebody, they need to be in a jail cell. Now, knowing Baltimore police, he might not have actually had tried to kill someone and they put some bullshit on him.

Enough about her bestie, I have a problem with this shit period. This whole "Free so and so" shit has got to stop. As a people, fuck, human beings, stop the goddamn ignorance. I can understand if someone committed a victimless crime like, say, drug possession or something along those lines, but if you shoot a motherfucker, you aren't fit for society.

A nigga blows another dude's brains out and here comes his jiggaboo buddies getting shirts and shit made saying "Free Wantwon" and shit. What sense does that make? If a nigga kills another human being, why should he be allowed to walk freely in the community. I can understand self-defense (Actual self-defense. Not "this nigga whooped my ass two days ago so I shot him") or someone breaking in to your house, but just retarded nigga violence is unacceptable.

Cool, that's your homeboy and all, but he also broke a law and a fucking commandment. If one of my cousins were going to jail for aggravated assault, what could I say if he actually did it? "Oh, let him go, he cool peoples"? Nooooo, he had that shit coming.

So before you start whining about the government and police holding black people down, you should whine about you motherfuckers reacting to shit in moronic ways.

UPDATE: Turns out the girl's bestie was trying to get his phone back from some nigga that stole it and the boy's girlfriend called the police and said he tried to kill the dude. Is that the whole, truth? I don't know.


N.I.K.E. & Martian Lewis said...

You Got A Good Point There Eric.

Especially About Them Jiggaboo Bitches.

Tommy Oliver said...

agree 100%
I know that all this summer, we're going to see every southern rapper in there mediocre music videos with a "Free T.I." shirt on. Which would be totally disregarding the facr that the nigga practically put in the real life unlimited ammo code.

E-Rich said...

lol@ "real life unlimited ammo code"

Gorgeous Lynette said...

lmfao free wantwon! you know you meant pookie. everybody has a pookie in their family.

Lelan said...
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Audrey Jazz said...

your logic and sound reasoning help me realize why i love you so much.

Alicia said...

LMFAO. and this blog in itself is the reason why you are seriously why you are one of my best friends. you speak nothing but the truth. we need more people like you please.

Super Woman said...

Free Gucci!!!!


I Quit. And yeah im most likely still coming down there. Dont worry You'll know when im a little scared of crackheads but im a thug so im down

yuiz said...

thats baltimore for you. =)

Best [Spliff]Roller Alive. said...