Wednesday, August 6, 2008

CRS featuring Pusha T - Everyone Nose Remix

I haven't watched it yet since I just wanted to beat WayMoreFresher in posting it, but I'm watching it now.


I told someone a while ago that I wish Hype Williams could direct every music video that comes out and this only helps my argument. I love all of the retro gaming shit. It even featured Galaga, which is my favorite old school video game of all time(shitting all over Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, all that crap your parents liked). It's nice to see a CRS video, now if they would make a real one that's, you know, not a remix of another song, then taht would be great.


tuesdai noelle said...

Hey E!

I LOVED it...well really like! The fact that they used "Music and videos games (Love video games though I don't play as MUCh...hardly really)" to create a video was; fun, playful, adventure and just flat out was blended to perfection :) Also, I like the name of your blog...."The E-Rich Show" lol, only you :) I'm adding to my blogroll...Peace :)

Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

i downloaded street fighter 2 on to my's awesome!

yea this video is awesome,you already know i think that though....that's if you are the e-rich i know of.