Monday, August 25, 2008

T-Pain featuring Little Wayne - I Can't Believe It

I actually like this song(minus Dwayne Carter) and the video made me like the song alot more. It's very rare you see a unique rap video, being that most people prefer to stick to the "money, hoes, cars" thing. It's also nice to see Buffie the Body still doing work because me and my girlfriend were arguing about her last week. Apparently a "glamour model" isn't a real model like Kate "No-tits" Moss. Seriously, though, Wayne ruined the song. If him and Kanye don't get off of T-Pain's dick with the auto-tune shit, I'm going to start threatening people, and you don't want me to start threatening people. I can say some sick and twisted shit.


Oy~honey said...

I love this song,even though i don't really like the stupid voice thing. this song is tight though and the video is cool!

Eb the Celeb said...

I was fighting it for a long time too... but I just made a point to stop denying myself of him no matter how much he annoys me... the boy puts out some hits