Friday, August 29, 2008

Do we really need this during Obama's Campaign?

Yes, a film about a black police officer that is intolerant of an interracial couple that lives next door and decides to fuck around with them. Yeah, that's great.

I do admit that blacks tend to be the most riled up by black/white interracial relationships, do we really need a film like this while we have a black(bi-racial, to be specific) man running for president? I mean, it might sound silly, but you know how dumb a majority of Americans are. Any negativity brought around blacks are going to be pointed out and any positive stuff done is only going to be noticed if it was by Obama or at the Olympics.

Not to mention that the movie just plains look ass. It might suck, but it may get some critical acclaim. The last movie with a crooked black cop got an Oscar.

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Timothy said...

Dude I Heard About This Movie When I Went To Go See The Dark Knight...It Really Shouldn't Be Coming Out..Even If Sam Jacksons' In It...