Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some pics from Otakon Day 2

I'm about to go into Otakon withdrawal, so I'm going to go ahead and post some of my favorite pics from yesterday.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Canti from FLCL. I just happened to see him/her on the elevator and immediately took a picture

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Lum from Urusei Yatsura. She's friggin hot! Like, "nasty thoughts" hot.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Naruto and Sakura. If you need information about them, then maybe you're old. They're not as cute as Toddler Gaara, though.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Darth Vader. You should know who he is.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

"Hipster-acid trip" Pac-Man and ghosts.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

They had Shaq-Fu. For 90 dollars.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

A bunch of guys were breakdancing and hilariously enough, the Asian dudes were really good while the black guys were mediocre. (no bigot)

Maybe tomorrow I'll post something about how it went or I might make a slideshow with all of my pictures. Who knows?


Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

What the hell!?!?

It's as if you've taken photographs of one of my dreams.

(Minus the children in costumes)

tuesdai said...

You're a lot of fun, the places you go are very cool and colourful :)...I'm loving all of the "artsy individuals" so to speak and the creative, intelligent art...I'm a ART FANATIC!

DeadBug said...

Hmm, I was hoping to find the "Hipster-acid trip" Pacman photo, to show to a friend. (The photo is of a friend of mine, his sister, and her friends), but it's not loading. :(

E-Rich said...

I could e-mail you the picture if you want

DeadBug said...

That would be terrific! cynicalbug "at" will do it!

I really appreciate it. :)