Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not to go out on a rant: Showca$e

Now, I'm a Star Trak stan. A rational Star Trak stan, but a stan none-the-less. By this, I mean that when I spot bullshit, I will say that it's bullshit. For example, Teyana Taylor is a bamma. I don't know what Pharrell was thinking. Now for the thing that's irritating me. This guy:

He couldn't possibly be signed to Star Trak and I refuse to believe that Pharrell would say, "Hey, that nigga's nice!" and give him a deal. First off, there were more name drops to everything Star Trak than anything I've ever heard from a Star Trak artist.

"My eyes got me looking like I'm Chad's cousin"
"Don't think about pushing me/ I got a couple clips that'll push ya T"
"You can ask Pharrell, he'll tell you 'Yessir'"

Those were just a few in the first verse. And what the fuck are V's? Do you mean the "Star Trek" sign? It's sad to say this, but alot of people don't know that they got that from the Star Trek show. You know, "Live long and prosper" and shit? Terrible.

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Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

yah...im not really liking it.he's been on tour with them all over...think he was even at the gitd shows...he was definitely at the last couple of shows n.e.r.d have done.
remember that girl though?...the one that Pharrell does all the work for:

actual footage of pharrell making the beat...then at the end he's just putting some lyrics together...which she then goes on and uses in the song :/ she just sits there...thank god nobody remembers her,well i don't anyway.the same thing could happen to fam lay.