Monday, August 25, 2008

The Worst Rap Video of 2008 goes to. . .

This was sooooooo terrible. The video matches the quality of the song perfectly. I KNOW you noticed how they went off key by, like, the middle of the video. Usually, I'd ignore all of those "niggers" comments on youtube, but I have to say that this video deserves each one. In the wikipedia entry for the word "nigger" they should have this video.

Stolen from Fiyah Muzik.

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Crystal said...

“How the fuck do we ‘posed to keep peace?” Haha, that's classic foolery right there. This is so funny and wrong all at once. One of the girls in the video didn’t even have the decency to tie up her boots right. This video is god-awful. Oh, and the youtube comments usually go right up my ass too, but this is clearly one of those If-The-Shoe-Fits types of scenarios, your blog is hilarious by the way.