Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'ma whoop yo ass on this traaaaain.

I guess since my blog is called the E-Rich Show, I figured I would put some shit up from real life, too. These are just pictures of shit I've done today. I just got Street Fight Alpha off of the Playstation Store, so I basically got my haircut and played that all day. Yaaaaay.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

My brother. Pedophiles better back off.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME


Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Because no one wants any parts of Sagat. Unless they like getting kneed in the chin repeatedly.

And since you can't get enough of Murphy Homes a.k.a That Goddamned Cat:
Image Hosted by CHANGEME

You could say that's a "baby picture". He gets a few months older and now he doesn't want to stay in the damn house.


Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

awww...ur cat.

pedo's better back off....did u say that cause u have doubts about the ppl commenting on here...i bet it's me,isn't it!...u think im pedo,u little bastard!!
lol jk

Anonymous said...

Your brother is cute... awwww... reminds me of my cousin Afulele- he has a stutter. Don't worry I'm no pedo. But a pedo would say that. Okay... but really I am not.