Friday, August 8, 2008

Some Otakon pictures from Day 1

Man, I need to get up in like 5 or 6 hours to be up there early, so I'm going to put up some of my favorite pictures.


Faust from Guilty Gear. I like this picture. It looks artsy fartsy.

Pedoing Bear

Pedobear and sleeping girl. We actually just saw this chick just sleeping, and Pedobear was near by so I asked him to pretend he was about to. . . pedo her.

Toddler Gaara

He's so DAMN ADORABLE! This was the first picture I took. Eleven people were taking pictures of him while I was.


This thing freaked me the hell out. It was like 15 feet tall. If I was high when I saw it, I probably would've cried.

I might post some from tomorrow, but if you want to see all of them, you'd have to go to my myspace


tuesdai noelle said...

The creative, creepy and extremely spacey artsy mind of some individuals...I looking over @ the man with the bag on his head...kind of "Halloween-ish" just a he's recording something, 2 creepy for me. I do like the one (you were going to cry off of lol) it reminds me of a combination between "Star Wars-Jaba" and Fantasic 4--the last movie of F4 was ok, just seemed to long. Have you heard about the new movie (sequels really) of X-Men Characters---I saw the trailer to one and it was was cool. I just wish they had finished the REST of the last X-MEN...what does some of these producers be thinking when they come out with series and then decide randomly they don't to finish them...hmmm.
Enjoy your weekend hun :)

Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

is this the e-rich i think it is?

hahahaha! you can't escape me

^that's a really lame statement if you're not the e-rich i know of

anyway,this is a cool blog...pedobear lol.i seen a guy walking his dog yesterday...he kinda looked like a pedo...he was wearing sunglasses and it wasn't even sunny.that's so you don't know what way or where he's looking.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I like your pics. Randomly rad. Ummm... that boy is super adorable.