Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So, I'm a nerd, right

So, as much as I love rap music and women, you'll be hearing about more video games and electronics and shit.

This is the game I just ordered from Play-Asia called DJ Max Portable 2. Just look at the videos.

You know how there are those people that pride themselves on listening to music that no one else isn't on yet? That's how I'm going to be with video games now, thanks to play-asia. Wait until I learn a nice amount of Japanese. Ooh, ya'll gonna be in trouble.


tuesdai noelle said...

I keep trynna tell y'all lol, NERDS are HOT! The mysterious "School Class ACT" is what's the most intriguing [art about the whole making.
Though I'm a prissy homegirl, I too am starting to get a slight back into COMICS and kind of video games, but I don't want to get DEEP into video games again, like I stated video games can be MORE addictive than the internet...well, they will neck to neck lol. These games look cool though. But I see all of it as art...that was my justication lol, for gettin back into it LOL. Only slightly lol.

SweetPea said...

Don't worry nerd is the new skater. In a while skates will be calling themselves nerd (a la Pharrel)

but this game... wasn't there something similar with a game on YouTube where this guy was playing a game which played mozart- fucken rad shit man.

I'm more of a Tekken3 girl (ha-duuu-kenning people's asses. lol. Fucken lame- I know... but it's either that or Gand Prix shite. lol.

Bt this one is cool; gets you cultured and all and all.