Wednesday, September 3, 2008

20th Century Fox is trying to murder my childhood

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"Piccolo was intended to look handsome, but Marsters and the make-up artist chose to give him a decrepit complexion, having been trapped for thousands of years."

No, that's called being lazy and unfuckingfaithful.

Texas Battle as Carey Fuller: A high school bully. He is an original character created for the film.
Luis Arrieta as Weaver: A classmate and friend of Goku. He is an original character created for the film.

What the fuck? Why would you send Goku to school? Do they realize that they have just enraged thousands of young adults who watched Toonami during their middle school years.

You can try and tell me this movie isn't going to suck. I'm not going to believe you. I'll ignore you.

EDIT: Even worse it's coming out on my birthday. D:>


carolinahaze said...

he's not even fucking green. instant trash.

Malcolm Maximillion said...

This can't be for Dragon Ball. They should just leave it alone...