Thursday, September 25, 2008

Note: Roses Actually Work

Like, I sent my girlfriend some and they arrived today, I think. I didn't actually tell her they were coming, I just told her to have someone look out for a package for her and she just kept guessing until I told her. When she finally figured out they were flowers, she got all giddy. She was talking like Pebbles from the Flintstones for a good 10 or so minutes. So, note that fellas: roses. Send a girl some now. You might be able to get whatever you want for a day or two(hint hint, wink wink, saynomore).

Also, this picture is the best picture of Fall 2008

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

EDIT: How I know it worked? Look at her myspace name and headline.

Told you.


Super Woman said...

lol, i actually have a better one, might put it in todays blog [as far as the picture]

Malcolm Maximillion said...

That caught me off guard

Paula said...

so so true. lol @ her headline and page. wait till you discover what it does when you give her a day at the spa. I'll leave that one for you to figure out. lol. Have fun. but know you've set a standard up so stay consistent; us girls can be ... different from guys. LOL. But very good on you... now to somehow set up that my man stumbles upon this exact page... hmmmmm.... ;)