Sunday, September 14, 2008

God damn it, Curtis

I don't know if 50 Cent realized it, but his antics are getting old. He's like the class clown that was funny and cool in, like, 9th grade, but by 11th grade people laughed at him less. Everyone's realizing 50 Cent has no real talent and the only people that still support him are his loyal cockjockers, residing only in wiggas and 40 year olds that long for the days when they sold drugs.

Now, attacking Kanye West is just moronic because for one, he has more appeal to everyone and, two, he's actually still hot. Let's see who's done more "gangsta" shit:

1. Fought some government(not really, but they were convincing) douchebags for the film to his Jesus Walks video on Punk'd.
2. Call out the president on national television while standing next to Austin Powers.
3. Smashed some paparazzi's camera.
4. Zapped out after hearing Beanie Siegel called him gay. Most guys wouldn't even raise their voice in defense if Beanie Siegel called them gay and then died.
5. Ran on stage to let motherfuckers know he deserved something that he didn't get.
6. Made "Two Words", which is probably the most hard-body song of his career.
7. Got signed to Roc-A-Fella in it's heyday.
8. Got caught with porn.

1. Got shot. (Which isn't really gangsta being that you're the one that got shot)
2. Back out of beefs with people that are either nicer than him or make more money. (Notice he left Game and Wayne alone after they sold more than G-Unit)
3. Go to every show in New York with a bulletproof vest on.
4. Get your security to shoot someone in the testicle.
5. Never call Fat Joe a fat bitch to his face.
6. Steal Bow Wow's girl. (Wow. That's so g.)
7. Talked a bunch of shit and then had a guy that made a song with Daft Punk sell more than him.
8. Claimed he would retire if he was outsold. . . Well?
9.Image Hosted by CHANGEME

. . . smh, 50 Cent. Smh.


tuesdai said...

I think you've stated all of the; facts and view points, that one could name...bottom line for me and THIS subject:

"If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach towards immortality."- Norman Cousins

My complete thoughts tieing in with that quote (going indepth) is
At least you know what, how and where you stand with a individuals...if they choose to make you there WORLD, I say don't agrue back, RANT etc...just let them marvel and GO completely off into whatever it is that they choose...and keep it movin!

Malcolm Maximillion said...

Lmao at that picture.

I say Kanye stop being Mr. Nice Guy and tell Curtis like he told Beans. 50 is one of them guys that if you keep letting it ride, he's gonna keep doing it. I thought he'd stop after Kanye out sold him, perhaps, he wants another loss. I mean seriously, 808's and Heartbreak drops the 18th and Before I Self Destruct drops the 9th. 50 should just move his shit up again.

ape masta said...

it's funny though...50 actually outsold kanye...worldwide sales that is...he sold like 3.7 mil and 'Ye had like 3.1 or something like that