Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Strong with this one, the force is

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It's good that Marc Ecko got this idea before someone else did. This might just be enough to get Ecko Unltd. out of the "wiggas only" trench that many clothing lines have gone in to(i.e. Anything owned by a rapper, Drunkn Munky, Southpole, etc.). I personally am not going to get it. I would wait for the inevitable Darth Vader version, but I'm sure that's gonna sell like motherfucking hot cakes and free sex.

snatched from Kanye's blog


tuesdai said...

...I haven't really been following any of Marc Ecko's collections but this one is the BEST, original and "Star Wars", so I was already hooked :)...speaking of Star Wars, I was going to watch all 3 series/episodes, but changed my mind, and watched E.T instead lol. That movie annoyed me SO, but I guess it's good to watch with the family...which is who I watched it with :)

Super Woman said...

free sex sellsss!!!! ask super head!