Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yo, for real

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Shut the fuck up. We don't care how much you love still having your hymen intact.

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Shut the fuck up. You made me miss Sarah Silverman.


Rogero said...

Russell brand is a cock and a half.

tuesdai said...

*raising an eyebrow* Rich...I hope you're not clowning indirectly on Jordin and her "substance" because you're too handsome and a gentlemen for that...right? Everyone, always in the LONG run, you know hun..appreciate a true lady that's not a HO!. Even Kanye (who postes those random chicks HOs, at times) HE still would in the LONGGGGGG run prefer a lady...and you know you would too Rich, with all of your "sperm-friendly" favorites, you know you ain' marrying no I say "Yes to substance"...and if I had been there I was going to shout AMEN! I get sick and itred of HOs thinkin they finna be walking the RED CARPET, actin all "fake and so-called lady-like" and will do MORE and become MORE than what the meaning of a "dog" is. Just keepin it real :)

E-Rich said...

It's not so much her substance as it is that she decided to be the crusader for virgins anywhere. Russell Brand made a mediocre joke about being a virgin since sex jokes seemed to be his only golden moments of the night and she took offense and decided to go off the record. She just went about it wrong. She basically said that if you're not a virgin you're a slut.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone who broke their virginity is a whore. I know you may not have said that but the implecation was there.
And some of us actually enjoy having sex with our partner; it's not as if we're sitting there with a sign on our vagina saying "open 24 hours"
I consider myself a lady as well. I don't have sex with every guy I am with or come into contact with and it's not as if me and my significant other will go to a party and there will be a onslaught of men who I would have slept with.
I understand where you are coming from YET I don't think you have an inkling of how I feel. Sex does not define whether you are a lady or not. Sex is completely healthy and if in a loving relationship can be enjoyable. In fact I found it to be quite liberating and a whole lot of fun.
I understand the whole long run thing but um... Mariah got her man in six weeks so um, how long exactly is the long run?
But don't get me wrong; I think if you're a virgin and proud- GO WITH IT and I genunely hope you can stick with it. But don't make assumptions about those of us who chose differently. It's not in your place to.

superduperkya said...

sorry but jordin sparks needed to go sit back down.