Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rebel without a KAWS

Yeah, puns are fun if you know how to use them.

I, personally, respect KAWS as an artist. I thought his street level shit was cool, ya know? The whole "taking a companion head and putting it on a Calvin Klein model" thing was pretty ingenious. Nowadays, I just feel that KAWS is overrated.

Call me a hater if you want, but I just feel that KAWS gets too much credit. My friends always remind me that I can't blast someone for being talentless if they make money for it. It just means they found a smart way to use their talentlessness.

That is Spongebob Squarepants. A famous, gay licensed character that belongs to Nickelodeon. All that happened here is Kaws drew/painted or whatever'd him, put blue X's in his eyes and put the Companion bone things on the side of his head. Now, sure it looks cool, but can you proclaim that KAWS is a great artist for this? You probably will. I, on the other hand, will continue to think that that is some lame shit.

What is so hot about Kate Moss? She looks like Gollum if he was a cute girl and has the figure of a cylinder.


tuesdai said...

KAWS (to me) are; "The Wonderfuly wacky" and creative minds of art...seriously. They're not my favorites, but there ideas can either make you LOVE them or completely HATE them...artist with direct views :)

*smile* Your direct and unpredictable thoughts are classic (in my eyes) Rich. Always so straight forward, truthful (for the most part, I raise eyebrows at a few things you state, but LOVE the confidence and the "unwavering" behind your points) mostly timely and very have cool character :) Love this illustration; "A famous, gay licensed character that belongs to Nickelodeon"...:::giggles:::

Sidebar: I realize most of my compliments seem very colourful and like "Yeahhhhh right sure you feel that way
I very rarely give out compliments (especially on the NET, not really in person either) reason being, I don't find most people THAT interesting. More annoying, fake, double-minded, "A TRUE Follower", and the list goes on

tuesdai said...

Sidebar: I realize most of my compliments seem very colourful and like "Yeahhhhh right sure you feel that way. But I do mean them :)

ape masta said...

dude, so many ppl were hating on kaws' on hypebeast yesterday...they feel the same way you do. Idunno, dude can do whatever he wants...but i do prefer his other more intricate works over Spongebob

Anonymous said...

lol. that was a good pun. It took me reading it twice to get it but good one. I would call this article a satirical ass beating... bwahahahahaha