Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Would you kindly follow this link and watch the video please?


I didn't say anything first because I wanted you to watch this in it's entirety and be amazed. You could say this video is art because it feels like art but you can't figure out why. I seriously can't comprehend why a video with two unattractive black people having sex in front of a background that would make the first episode of Pokemon in Japan look like a blank white screen is good, but I kinda feel that way. But, unfortunately, it's directed by Eric Wareheim(of Tim & Eric's Awesome Show) and I don't like that guy. I still don't have my verdict on exactly what the hell I just watched, but my head hurts so I'm going to go take a break.

The source be Nerd with Swag


Malcolm Maximillion said...

Why the fuck you make me watch that?

Rogero said...

that man attained 'G' status by keeping his socks on whilst doing an ugly chick in front of a blue screen.