Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ravens - 17 Bengals - 10

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This game was supposed to be won anyway. I'd recommend that you never in your life talk about how good the Bengals are in front of die hard Ravens fans in Baltimore unless you're a masochist. Of course, a lot of us lost faith after that horrifying fumble by Ray Rice, but we made it anyway. How about Joe Flacco the rookie outdoing Jon Palmer? Pretty hot. He also made a 38 yard run which is even hotter.

I was at work, but fortunately I got most of the last quarter during my lunch break. It was pretty disheartening to watch 3 Ravens players get injured in, like, 3 minutes(especially Todd Heap).

And poor Chad Johnson with only one catch. As a random customer at my job said "The Bengals suck, and Ocho Cinco can suck all of our balls".

All in all, I'm just happy we beat the Bengals.

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