Thursday, September 11, 2008

*sigh* Love Lockdown

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No, I'm not posting a link to the song, I'm going to give my opinion on this whole thing.

First off, Love Lockdown is probably going to be the most controversial song of Kanye's career thus far, and when I say controversial I don't mean "Jesus Walks" controversial, I mean controversial as in going super far left from the norm. A lot of people are already throwing out their opinions on the song and a majority of them are negative. I'm going to be in the lot of those people.

Now, it's already known a lot of Kanye dickriders are going to do their damndest to defend the song, not to say that anyone that likes it is a dickrider, but a pole-jocker will insult one's being for even thinking that Kanye made a piece of shit. Even when someone says "I've been a Kanye fan, but I just don't like this song", someone will come in and say "Then you're not a true Kanye fan". Apparently, to be a true fan of something you have to not be able to admit that the artist can make some mistakes. Look at Lil Wayne's "fans". He drinks syrup and kisses men and they always have an excuse for that shit. Some have even gone as far as making the passing of Kanye's mother an excuse for "Love Lockdown", which I call bullshit on. A lot of people have lost loved ones and continued to make good music. Once again, I'm not insinuating that Kanye has started sucking due to Love Lockdown, just that it's not a good song.

Finally, auto-tune. That shit needs to stop. I understand that Kanye loves using it and may feel that it's proper for the music he wants to create in this next album, but I can't even remember the last time I heard this dude's voice with out it changing pitch every 1.4 seconds. (That's a lie. I have Celebration on my PSP)

In conclusion, Kanye can do whatever the fuck he wants, he's a grown ass man with more money than me, you, and that guy over there combined. From his perspective, he might just feel that Love Lockdown was the song that hewanted to make for himself and you can either take it or leave it. All in all, though, no, I will not be putting that song on my mp3 playerPlaystation Portable.


Timothy said...

I agree with you on a few points especially about the Trillions of Weezy Dick Riders!!! Imma Have To Say That I Kinda Liked The Song...But Maybe He's Having A Breakdown Rather That Being On Lockdown (See Kanye Attacking Cameraman On YouTube) But The Song Really Wasn't I Expected And I Too Was A Bit Disappointed But At The Same Time I Felt The Exact Same Way About "Stronger" Maybe It'll Grow To Be A Better Thing Than It's But I Wont Ever Not Like Kanye Cause Of One Song Cause There's A lOt Of Songs I Dont Like.

Paula said...

Okay well I haven't decided what I think of the song yet. BUT I can say that I like the instruments and stuff. But again... I'm still deciding.

Dick Riders?! I think I might be one of them :) But I'm not holding it against myself. I figure if I don't like it now it will grow on me. And I think KanYe is really trying to appeal to the masses now. But then, as you said, who am I to judge?

I think KanYe is just growing you know... but I also think he's at a point where he can either save hip hop or take it down with the other arists (some of whom he endorses)... but again it is his decision.

But again... yeah.

tuesdai said...

Well, I'm just Tuesdai :) ...I adore your BOLDness; so direct, unconditional, timely and just flat out BLUNT...that's why I added you as a link and visits daily. Unlike most people on Kanye's blog, you and I have this ONE in comment, WE both say and put periods exactly behind exactly what we say and MEAN it...*smurk* that's why you're classic Rich.
Oh and I say he doesn't NEED to rant's just not needed, that DRAMA go and move along, I hate to see people drag stuff on and on...if you were RIGHT, BE RIGHT and let the haters hate and the lame BUT lames, period. You're still one of my favorites guys on internet along with Greg and Schoolin, y'all are classic adventure, too cool :) Peace hun :)