Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feeling More Nostalgic

That thing at 12 seconds used to freak me out

Man, I used to think this show was so cool.

I used to think the transformation was so awesome.

Eek the Cat was funny as shit. I remember when he would show people a picture of his girlfriend and they'd say ". . . She's fat" and he'd look at it and say "Really?" Yo, his girlfriend was a German Panzer IV.

Bobby's World and that catchy intro song. Well, it was catchy in a really bad 80s pop song kinda way. Bobby's World didn't have shit on Rugrats, though.


tuesdai said...

The Bettl??? (do I still have the name wrong? lol) I only remember slightly, I think it's because I was a "Power Ranger's" of the only cartoons from the early 90's, that's kept the same simple concept and's stood the test of times lol...WOW @ that :)
As for "Eek the Cat" again lol, I only remember a tad...maybe it's because I was on another channel watching Smurks or Snorks.
Bobby's World (cool cartoon) which is now "Deal or No Deal"...who knew that Howie Mandeal would raise again lol...hmmmm, I always wonder how the MOST random stars of the pass make excellent come backs? I guess if you've got, then you've got it!

*cheesing*...I'm so glad all of you wonderful male species lol, are posting comics and cartoons...sweet :) I guess, I was the only girl who's been down...there's adventure in every pretty girl :)

TKC said...

Yo! You Blog Is Officially The The Hottest Thing In THe Streets On Some Real "Back To The Future" Shit!!!

I Cannot Fucking Believe You Got All My Favorite Shit On Here...

But You For Mystic Knights Though.
And...Aww! Real Monsters

But Still..Fire In The Streets!!!