Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Jitters

Well, this Election Day got me nervous as shit, so I decided I'd blog about my day and random thoughts I had.

- So, my girlfriend fount out one of her white friends suffer from acute ignorance. Her reason for not voting for Obama: "His middle name is Hussein and he has a little too much Islamic support for my tastes". I, myself, am not surprised, but I feel sorry for my girlfriend who is an extreme European-American sympathizer.

- Yo, I was in line for four hours, went to hang out with Malcolm and this motherfucker was in line for 15 minutes. What a scam. That's my fault. I voted early with the old people.

- You know shit is serious when the hoodmonkeys are voting. I'm talking 5 different color bracelets on, green streaks in their hair, neon orange leggings. You'd think they were supporting the bamma party.

- I'm waiting for someone to call me a nigger. I can't wait. I have lots of pent-up frustration.

- Currently: Obama - 200 McCain - 124. I knew he was gonna get Texas. All of the redneck states are a given. I don't know, Obama's looking to nail Florida right now. Shout out to Fiyah.

- I don't like this suspense shit, not at all.

- I wish I lived near a Krispy Kreme. I wanted some free donuts.

- It's weird looking at the Texas results map because everything is so symmetrical. I've been looking at the Maryland map to long.

- Currently: Obama - 207 McCain - 135. Where the fuck did this come from?

- When you're not already a fan of Charles Hamilton, I could see how you would think he's a weirdo.

- 11:08 p.m.

Dear racists,




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Super Woman said...

Joe The Plumber ....Fuck You

Elisabeth Hasselbeck ...Fuck You

Sarah Palin ....Fuck You

Ralph Nader ..for your uncle tom remark....fuck you

KKK......Fuck You

Joe Sixpack ...You get patron, moving on up no more beer homie

Elisabeth Hasselwhore you get one more for old times sake ....FUCK YOU!!

Johm McCain your not so bad of a guy you just made really fucked up decisions (Cough Palin Cough Cough)

Fox News.....Fuck You