Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random playlist time

I'm usually not a fan of those "repost" games on myspace and facebook, but my personal favorite is where you just randomly go through songs in your ipod PSP. So, for your entertainment, I'm going to set my shit on shuffle and play the 20 songs that come up.

Stay With Me - Pharrell Williams

Full & Paid - The Cool Kids

Phantom Pt. II - Justice

What Up Man - The Cool Kids

You Know What - N*E*R*D

Coldest Winter - Kanye West

Brazilian Crying Season - Charles Hamilton

Skrung Owt - Fam-Lay

Announcement - Common featuring Pharrell

Playa You Don't Know - Slim Thug

Paul Revere - The Beastie Boys

The Coolest - Lupe Fiasco

Punch Drunk Love - Common featuring Kanye West and Pharrell

Killjoy - N*E*R*D

Put Cash Up - Charles Hamilton featuring Show Tufli

Day N Nite - Kid Cudi

Waamp Waamp(EC|DC remix)- Clipse featuring Slim Thug

Rhinestone Cowboy - MF Doom

Robot Rock - Daft Punk

Artistic Integrity - Wale

See? That was fun. Now you can contemplate how my taste in music describes who I am and all that bullshit.


Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

here's mine (like u care) :

it aint hard to tell-nas

the food-common

brown skin lady- mos def & kweli

manwomanboggie- q-tip

lemme know-charles hamilton

put on-young jeezy & kanye

there's pleasure in it- 88-keys

love lockdown- Kanye

Happy ending-charles hamilton

diamonds remix...-kanye&jay-Z

free chilly- gemstones

didn't u know-lupe fiasco

supersonicvents- charles hamilton

stay up - 88-keys ft kanye

livin a movie- kanye

fuck the industry rmx-solange & wale

2 left feet - charles hamilton

announcement-common & pharrell

everyone nose-n.e.r.d

dumb it down- lupe

not a lot of variety there..charles h took up most of it

E-Rich said...

Hell, Charles Hamilton takes up almost 35 percent of mine, but it shuffled the hell out of my songs. Cool, our shit is similar!