Sunday, November 2, 2008

Real Chance at Love and shit - pt. 2

- Late again, whatever. Sorry Super Woman, but this show is a guilty pleasure(no homo pause I'm not gay)

- Does this nigga have on gun holsters?

- Why does Real try so hard to look like a black 80's hair band member? Nigga looking like he with Twisted Sister or Guns & Roses or some shit.

- That' cruddy that he threw her tickets on the ground.

- "Don't hit me in the head, Chance. (Unless it's your dick)"

- Ew. I'm sorry, but I just think women rubbing men's feet is gross. That shit's not cool.

- So Hood is so slutty it doesn't make sense.

- LMAO "Do I look like a woman?" says Real. Nigga, are you serious?

- Yo, Cali looks like Nicholas Cage!

- I'll never understand how all these motherfuckers go on this damn show and just kiss the same person. Germs, man, germs!

- Okay, the "Lick Cream Off Me" thing is kinda hot. Well, less hot because it's on this show.

- So they're gonna lick the same broad? Bitch, have some morals!

- Oh, they didn't. Whew.

- I just love watching confused bimbos try to explain themselves.

- Milf could get it. She kinda resembles Sarah Jessica Parker, which isn't good, but I'd still bust on her chest.

- What's with this nigga holding guitars? I want to see him actually play that damn guitar.

- "You wasn't about to make no tapes, were you?" ". . . not right now."

- "Chance is, like, trying to fuck everybody!" I don't know, but if I had a show with a bunch of chicks that wanted my pipe on their lips, I would be trying, too.


- lol@ these dorks on "The Pick-Up Artist"

- Why, oh why, do these niggas keep playing with guitars?

- lol@ Real and his girls bitching Chance when he wanted some breakfast.

- . . . Recording artists? Roooooiiiiiight.

- So, they have a third sexually ambiguous brother? That's great. The more, the fruitier.

- Ooooh, this is gonna be terrible.

- See, this is embarassing to watch. Yo, listening to these women freestyle is like having my heart mildly shocked by a taser.

- See how Milf acts? This is why I don't feel bad for talking about busting on her chest.

- Lusty is an ignorant dick. She shouldn't go after a black guy because she never dated one? Real smooth, twunt.

- Man, I never had that volcano taco yet.

- Since when did you need experience to date outside of your race? This is the type of shit we don't need while Obama is running.

- Okay, now she realizes Real's more her type. Awesome.

- Boy, this Promo bitch is retarded.

- Chance is a cruddy dude. So, let's recap: He picks the girl that his brother wants and wants his brother, and then sees her talking to his brother, and then he gets mad and wants one of his brother's women and they don't want him so he gets frustrated. Okay.

- "She did the Eagle on me" Word? I still don't know what that means. She grinded on him? She let him beat? What?

- Holy shit. I swear to God I just saw something walk past me out the corner of my eye. We got ghosts and shit. I don't like this.

- First chain goes to. . . Promo? Fuck outta here.

- Lol @ her dumbass being confused. I've seen dumb blondes have a dilemma, and that shit is hilarious.

- Chance is just getting reamed today. Boy.

- Watch these bitches go to commercial at the good part.

- Yo, why is this nigga wearing gun holsters?

- Chance pulled a bitch move. That was bitchy. I wouldn't expect anything less from a nigga that wears eye-liner.


T.K.C. said...

yo, you are funny. i can't really watch the without feeling really guido [gay] cause them niggas look really weird [on some goldust shit]
so anyway keep on with this shit! i can't wait until the finale.

tuesdai said...

Hey E!

...good afternoon to ya :o)
"- lol@ these dorks on "The Pick-Up Artist" I like that one lol.

$port said...

'why is this nigga wearing gun holsters??'

...el classico

carolinahaze said...

I watched about 5mins of that show and... well... Are those dudes gay? I mean they act like they like girls, but they act, dress and sound gay (not that there's anything wrong with gay dudes -(double no homo))

Super Woman said...