Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Thoughts on Current Urban Music

- "The coke that I push is pure as a child's heart"
- Malice, "Intro(Play Cloths)"

Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Where does he come up with this shit? You don't know whether to say "Damn, that was hot" or "Why the fuck are you comparing cocaine to children's innocence?"

- This might sound ignorant, but the Knux give me a "I like boys" vibe.
I mean, how many heterosexuals make songs about frappucinos?

- I think Tanya Morgan sucks because I thought it was gonna be a hot woman and it was three dudes

- I honestly think Chuck Inglish is one of the best new producers this year.

- "Shontelligence"? That doesn't even deserve to come out of anyone's mouth, even worse be the name of an album

- I was on the fence about buying 808's & Heartbreak until I heard "Streetlights" and the song with Lil Wayne

I don't want that cd near my house.

- Bet money that Common is going to push Universal Mind Control a.k.a Invincible Summer back again. I'm going to be angry if they don't leak "Punch Drunk Love" before then.

- I lost respect for Just Blaze for sampling the Numa Numa song.

- I like Sa-Ra's music and beats and shit, but I don't think Taz Arnold has done enough to have the right to be as weird as he is. Remember when Andre 3000 was a total fucknut? He's nice as shit, though.

- I actually like Crazy World by Young Jeezy. Yes, I said it.

- Where's Yung Berg?

- Where's Saigon?

- I honestly hope no one is surprised that Dedication 3 sucked dick. However, it's nice that Lil Wayne isn't so complacent that he stepped his game up.

"Being fake is pussy, so nigga I'm a virgin"

Hey, that's ya'll boy.


Super Woman said...

im not disappointed in lil wayne
--i was expecting it

"I mean, how many heterosexuals make songs about frappucinos?"
--Yes sir thats suspicious as hell

As far as Malice im going to say that shit was hot because they allowed R. Kelly to say he has teenaged friends ...

Super Woman said...


i no longer want the cd near my house either ...

i think he's been sipping what Wayne's been sipping