Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

-First and foremost, I'd like to thank the Native Americans that were massacred and raped to give us this glorious holiday of gluttony. The least you could do before you eat that stuffing is remember the group of natives that took a bullet to the face so that you could stuff yours.

- I'd like to thank God for creating me. I'm so hot.

- I'd like to thank my mother for giving birth to me and helping create the Narcissus complex that I'm currently coping with.

- I'd like to thank Malcolm Maximillion for giving me Music Generator 2 when I was like 14 because that's the only thing I can make beats on, and my beats are awesome.

- I'd like to thank my girlfriend, Jasmine, for being a good girlfriend. If you weren't, then I'd probably not be talking to you.

- I'd like to thank Sony for creating the Playstation brand. It is the ultimate gaming system and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking hater liar.

- I'd like to thank Chamillionaire for putting himself out of the spotlight by continuing to rap in that same stupid monotone and making his corny ass lines.

- I'd like to thank Charles Hamilton for putting out a bunch of mixtapes in two months. That's retarded. He's created a mostly new catalog in the period of time it took him to get popular.

- I'd like to thank Dead Space for making me uncomfortable. It wasn't even that scary until I had to run from the monster that won't die.

- I'd like to thank Chipotle Mexican Grill. Thanks to your burritos I see how crack addicts feel.

- I'd like to thank all of the women with large breasts and big butts for giving me something to look at when I'm traveling.

- I'd like to thank The Hundreds for being possibly one of the best streetwear brands out.

- I'd like to thank the Ravens for not killing our playoff hopes already.

- I'd like to thank Janelle Monae for giving me something to sing and dance to on the lightrail and look like a complete fool.

- I'd like to thank Lil Wayne for providing increasing evidence to help prove that he may just love cock. If him kissing a man and getting a piercing under his lip doesn't say shit, then what else does he have to do? Suck a dick on camera?

- I'd like to thank Levi's for being made. I only wear 559's, thank you very much.

- I'd like to thank the Way More Fresher guys for inspiring me(kinda) to make a blog. I honestly only made a blogger account so I could comment on your blog.

- I'd like to thank the 6 followers I have, whom I'm now going to list:


Gorgeous Lynette (No more blog? :()

Malcolm Maximillion




- I'd like to thank you, whoever's reading this, because if no one read my blog, then it would be kinda pathetic.

I can't wait to get all fat tomorrow.


Paula said...

aw gee thanks :)

N.I.K.E. said...

Much Love To E-Rizzle Tha God.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Have a great turkey day!!! :)

$port said...

thanks for all the support, E..


Claudia said...

"I'd like to thank God for creating me. I'm so hot."
Haha this was cool!
That's weird, but I read it all. I don't usually read long posts, apart Kanye's.

Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...'s cool...i get it